Black dirt is sold by the cubic yard. Use the calculator to determine how much black dirt you will need based on your size and coverage requirements.

How to Calculate

To determine how much black dirt your project will require, first you must calculate the square footage of the area that will be covered.

For squares and rectangles, square footage is determined by multiplying length x width in feet. (Area calculations for other shapes have been provided in the calculator link on this page.)

For Example, a 50 ft. x 20 ft. backyard would have a square footage of 1000 square feet. (50 x 20 = 1000)

Next multiply your square footage by the soil depth modifier from the chart provided on this page. The soil depth modifier is a value that will convert your square footage calculation into cubic yards based on your soil depth requirements.

To use the above example, if you wanted to cover your 1000 square foot backyard with 6″ of black dirt, you would multiply 1000 x .0185 (See chart for depth modifier – 6″ = .0185). For this project you would require 18.5 cubic yards of black dirt (always round up to the next whole yard, ie, 19 yards for this example)

Soil Depth Modifier Chart

Soil Depth Modifier Chart

Calculator Provided Here ...

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